Zirconium Gold bit

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Zirconium bit for easy removing gel, acrylic, poly gel.

Recommended to work at +15,000 rpm

Working part lenght: 14mm

We do not recommend using this bit for removing rubber base and gel polish.

The special coating of the working part protects the bur from wear, makes it easy to remove dirt and extends its service life.  Designed for removing the coating, correction of an artificial nail, treating hyperkeratosis feet.  The notches are made using high-precision professional equipment, so they are absolutely symmetrical, uniform and clear. 

The bur is precisely centered so that it is firmly fixed in the router handle. 

Service life up to 10 months, depending on the frequency of use and proper care.  Can be disinfected with special agents.  Sterilizable in dry ovens and autoclaves.