Poly gel

Masters who have been working as nail technicians for a long time are well acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of gel and acrylic. Today, you can use a product that combines the best of both types of material and is called Poly Gel.

Literally immediately after appearing on the market, poly gels began to attract attention, and this trend continues today. The popularity is due to a number of positive properties of the product, among which we should mention:

- Ease of application, do not spill

- Thick and heavy dust, which is much smaller than the dust of classic gels that are sprayed in the air, which reduces the risk of respiratory diseases

- No unpleasant odors and harmful fumes during polymerization

- Polymerization only under the influence of the lamp, no accidental polymerization due to contact with air or sunlight

- No discomfort for the client, hypoallergenic

- Quick formation and pouring of nails

- Low weight, high elasticity, which is why the spill does not burden the nail plate and does not create a feeling of discomfort

- Excellent adhesion to basic preparation, complete absence of separation. As an ideal base before Poly Gel, I recommend I.Z.M rubber base.

- Natural nail appearance

- As a degreaser you can use gel cleaner, dehydrator, alcohol, you can see the offer of liquid products in the section Liquids

- I.Z.M Poly gel cannot be dissolved, there is only one way to remove it - and that is with cutters, ie extensions. You can see the attachments for removing Poly gel in the section Attachments - Attachments for gel, acrylic and poly gel.

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