Smart Rubber Base ( 15ml; 30ml )

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Self-leveling Rubber Base

The medium viscosity of the base enables even coverage of the nail plate and ideally fast leveling. Suitable for all types of nails.

It is used in the gellac technique, as well as the base layer before solid materials ( Builder gel, Poly gel)

I.Z.M Smart rubber base is compatible with all brands of gel polishes.
It is applied to the nail plate in one or two layers (depending on the nail structure), closing the ends and corners of the free edge of the nail. Ideal for straightening the nail plate and hiding minor imperfections.

Preparation of nail buffer files and dehydrator, it is not recommended to use products that contain acid.

It does not burn in the lamp during polymerization.
Drying in an ice lamp for 30sec when applying thinner layers and 60sec when building nails. We recommend removing the base with attachments intended for that, but it can also be dissolved.
You can see the extensions for removing rubber bases HERE.

• Package of 15ml is with a brush.
• The 30ml pack is brushless.