Pusher Expert. 90/2 ( slant pusher+rounded )

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It is impossible to perform a beautiful manicure without a quality tool, which not only makes the procedure safe for the skin and nails, but also speeds up the work of the master. Staleks Pro Expert 90 Type 2 is a manicure spatula made of durable medical steel. For effective work, it offers two types of pusher — beveled and wide rounded.

Features of the blade Staleks Pro Expert 90/2:

  • stainless steel as a material;
  • excellent manual sharpening;
  • anti-slip notch;
  • balanced stem;
  • impeccable geometry of the working canvas;
  • treatment with GOI paste to prevent corrosion;
  • universal functionality for working with cuticles on hands and feet.
  • Use of Staleks Pro Expert 90/2:

Lifting and moving the overgrown cuticle.
Cleaning the nail plate.
Removal of leaked gel polish.
Work with wide nails.
Staleks Pro Expert 90 Type 2 is simplicity, hygiene and a professional approach to nail service.