Nail file acrylic crescent (base) EXPERT 20

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Acrylic crescent saw (base) EXPERT ABE-40 is designed for professional use with quick-change disposable abrasive files. It has high rigidity, moisture resistance and is not subject to corrosion. This manicure tool is effective and hygienic.


Recommended for streaming work in the cabin. Disposable stickers are disposed of after use and the acrylic base is sterilized.


Features of the STALEKS PRO EXPERT 40 ABE-40 base saw: 

light weight;

gives in to disinfection by special means and cold sterilization in special solution;

convenient in work.

The base is made of durable plastic. With its help you can get to the inner edge of the nail, saw from the sides, giving the desired shape and length. Do not subject to hot sterilization.



  • STALEKS PRO brand
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Country of origin Ukraine
  • Size 16.2 x 2.5 cm
  • Crescent shape
  • Article ABE-40
  • Base for file