Fiber Base ( 15ml; 30ml )

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Base with fiberglass particles.

Average leveling speed on the nail plate, extremely good adhesive properties. It is recommended for strengthening and repairing nails. It can be used as a base for gel varnish or as a base for builder gel. It has a dispersion layer.

Polymerization time: UV - 2 minutes; LED - 30-60 sec.

Recommendation: prepare the nail with an acid-free primer before applying the base.

Thanks to the durable fiber fibers, the base allows you to create the shape of the nail plate, perfectly align and maintain the connection between the base and other material you apply.

I.Z.M Fiber base has the optimal viscosity to fill all micro-cracks on the nail plate with self-leveling properties.


• Reinforcement base with fiberglass parts.
• Gentle - no acidic composition.
• To repair and strengthen thin and weakened nails.
• Possesses optimal viscosity.
• Fiberglass will not even stick out after application on the nail plate.

Removal of the base by extensions (our recommendation) or by dissolving.