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Poly Gel Silver Glint ( Reflective 🪩) ✨

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A combination of the best quality and characteristics of two classic systems - gel and acrylic. And most importantly, without their flaws! ⠀ ⠀
Unlike acrylic, Poly Gel does not require the use of primers and liquids of heavy odors, is easier to apply and does not spill, and during polymerization does not cause heating of the nail plate.
Stronger, more elastic and lighter than any acrylic or gel presented in the nail industry. Poly Gel allows you to build even without a template as well as to model all nail shapes at any speed that is comfortable for the master, and is also suitable as a base for fixing a natural nail plate for further application of permanent varnish or color gels. Poly gel allows you to continue working even after a long stay in the air

You can use gel cleaner, dehydrator, alcohol as a degreaser, you can see the offer of liquid means in the Liquids section.

Experience has shown the perfect combination: I.Z.M Smart or Extra Rubber base in a thin layer then poly gel, without lifting, without air ingress.
To apply Poly Gel, it is necessary to use a degreaser, which allows the brush to glide smoothly over the material and distribute it as evenly as possible.
Removal of cutters

Try our Poly Gel Silver Glint ✨ for easy and convenient nail extensions. The smooth and sturdy formula provides optimal adhesion, giving you a long-lasting, professional look. Its stunning glint effect will give your nails a glamorous touch and make you stand out.

Packaging: 30g.



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