PODODISC PRO M & set 180grit ( 20mm )

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The Staleks PRO Pododisc pedicure base was developed for maximum customer safety. It has a light weight thanks to the drop holes, which make work easier.


Work with a basis disk is as much as possible safe for the master and for the client: the abrasive replaceable file is pasted on a basis, pedicure is carried out and the file is utilized. The solid metal base is disinfected and sterilized.

Features of the Staleks PRO Pododisc PDset-25 base disk:

made of medical steel;

is not subject to corrosion at the correct use;

has a light weight and does not overheat due to the droplet holes;

safe thanks to replaceable disposable abrasive;

can be sterilized in an oven and autoclave;

can be disinfected in disinfectants;

qualitatively processes the roughened skin of feet.



  • STALEKS PRO brand
  • Material metal
  • Country of origin Ukraine
  • Diameter 20 mm
  • Size M
  • Article PDset-20
  • Type of base