Extra base ( 15ml; 30ml )

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Extra base solid rubber base of dense coexistence with good self-leveling possibilities enables lifting of the apex and ideal flattening of the nail plate. After drying, it is extremely strong and plastic, in fact, the gel is in a more liquid version and easier to apply. It maintains the shape and architecture of the nail well. Great for maintaining long nails and correcting nail deformities. Does not require the use of a primer!
You can also use the extra base for poorer and sensitive nails without any problems.
The database is selected specifically according to the needs of our clients
It can be used as a pre-gel base, and can be combined with other gel polish manufacturers

Prepare nail file buffer and dehydrator.

• Package of 15ml is with a brush.

• The 30ml pack is brushless.

Drying in an ice lamp for 30sec when applying thinner layers and 60sec when building nails.

Packaging 15ml, 30ml.