Marathon Olimp dust absorber 65W

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Marathon products perfectly meet the needs of nail stylists, ensuring their safety and comfort of work. The offer includes perfectly designed devices, such as dust absorbers.

An effective device for every nail stylist

The professional cassette dust absorber Marathon Olimp with two types of filters effectively protects the lungs of both employees and customers against dust generated during services. The high power and two types of efficient filters ensure a high level of comfort for performing treatments such as manicure or pedicure. The LED lamp with the possibility of connecting to the device via USB allows for precise illumination of the treatment area, and the aesthetic appearance of the equipment is a visually attractive addition.

Efficient dust collector with adequate power

When performing treatments using a nail drill machine, you are heavily exposed to long-term contact with dust. It is important to pick a strong dust absorber for the nail salon, which will ensure proper air purification, which will provide a high hygienic standard and assure comfort to both the stylist and the clients. A high-speed fan ensures that the device efficiently draws in the dust generated during the manicure, which goes directly to the powerful filters.

Security of services through efficient filters

The HEPA cassette filter used in this model retains even the finest dust particles in its structure. The filtered, contaminant-free air is discharged through well-placed vents. The large absorption surface allows you to hold both hands over the device at the same time, and with the high efficiency of the absorber, impurities are absorbed directly into the filter, leaving the workplace clean and free of harmful dust. To increase work safety, the device is also equipped with additional cotton filters that maximize the efficiency of the absorber.

Efficient functionalities for working comfort

The bagless Marathon dust absorber has been equipped with a simple, manual suction speed adjustment, which allows you to adjust the operation of the device to the procedure being performed at a given moment. The diode located next to the knob indicates the speed of the fan with the color of light. The included LED lamp with the possibility of connecting via USB to the device provides additional illumination of the treatment area. The well-thought-out functionalities of the device provide a significant improvement in work ergonomics.

Elegant equipment with an interesting design

The absorber was made with attention to detail. The streamlined shapes of the case give the device a futuristic look, which allows it to fit into the style of modern beauty salons. The elegant, classic finish makes the equipment visually appealing and will fit into almost any interior. The decorative grille in shades of chrome is mounted on a magnet, thus the risk of displacement is minimized. Its interesting shapes catch the eye and will certainly be positively remembered by customers. Thanks to non-slip feet, the device is stable during use.

Please read the instructions carefully before use.
The set includes: absorber base, magnet grille, HEPA filter, two packages of 25 cotton filters, USB LED lamp, power supply.

Number of fans: 1
Filters: 2; HEPA and cotton
Speed: 500-4600 RPM
Grille color: shades of chrome
Housing color: shades of white
Power: 65 W
Voltage: 110-200 V

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