Russian Manicure + 3 Bonus Lessons by Natalija

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In this brand new online training by I.Z.M, you can learn the techniques of Russian manicure.

🗣️Our courses are available in several languages: English, Spanish, German and Serbian.

Natalija Joksimović, co-founder of the I.Z.M brand, guides you through this course, which consists of multiple phases, including theoretical and practical components.

Combined manicure is a technique characterized by versatility. With an individual approach, you can use it on every client, regardless of their skin type or cuticles. Combined manicure combines scissors and diamond attachments.

Learn modern techniques for material removal, base leveling, and covering under the cuticle.

A brief overview of the course👇

We learn on this course:⠀⠀⠀⠀

- Nail structure and nail plate.
- Rules and principles of using the device.
- Material removal with carbide attachments: Scheme. Types of drills. Shortening the length with an attachment.
- Shaping with a file.
- Technique of working with a single manicure drill bit. Secret of skin polishing.
- Cuticle cutting technique with scissors.
- Preparation of the nail plate before coverage.
- Method of leveling the nail plate with the base.
- Covering with gel polish as close to the cuticle as possible. Technique of applying color in one layer.

🎁 Bonus Lessons: 

  • Reconstruction of the nail with poly gel
  • Classic gel polish technique under cuticle
  • The technique of applying and strengthening the nail with a camouflage / glitter base

Course instructor Natalija Joksimović( 
@natalija_nailinstructor )

This online education on Russian combined manicure offers participants a wide range of benefits. Under the guidance of Natalija Joksimović, both basic and advanced knowledge are acquired. You will learn techniques for material removal, precise application of gel polish, and nail reconstruction with Poly Gel. Bonus lessons further enrich the experience.
This education opens doors to new opportunities in the nail industry, making it a valuable investment for career advancement.

The training is designed for both beginners and individuals already working in the field.
At the end of the course, participants will receive a unique certificate via email along with a one-time voucher offering a 15% discount, which they can use for orders after completing the education.

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