Upper forms

Unlike traditional template extensions, in this case the material is applied inside the base and pressed onto the nails, so you can use the above tips a large number of times.

They can be used repeatedly, they will last you until they finally lose their shape and bend;
They enable easy shaping of nails;
Using fewer layers of material and time per procedure;
Suitable for gel, acrylic and polygel;
You can use different materials: acrylic, gel, poly gel;
Allow an artificial plate to be built even on the shortest nails;

Rules for working with the above forms:
Before you start working with the material and shapes, prepare your nails: correct their shape and length, degrease and remove dust particles. Make sure that all the coatings and materials you use are compatible with each other, and that the shapes you choose match the size and shape of the natural nail plate. When choosing the upper tips, the shape should match the curve of natural nails.

When applying the material - gel, acrylic, polygel - distribute it on the inner surface of the form in an even thin layer, then press it firmly onto the nail. Before curing, be sure to remove any excess material that remains on the edges. Otherwise, the nails will turn out uneven and messy.

If the natural nail has the correct elongated almond shape, you can use one or the other extension method. If the natural nail plate is wide, for example, trapezoidal, then it is better to use templates, because the width of the tips may not be enough, and the surface will turn out to be uneven. If the nails are very short, then the only suitable option is to use tips.
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Regular price 1,800.00 RSD
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