KART Pedicure Edu

KART pedicure and product training course.

You will learn the most popular pedicure protocols including hydrated and hyperhydrated skin, keratosis and hyperkeratosis and Kart Classic Pedicure.

The course also includes a detailed knowledge of the Kart Professional and Feeto range of care products, as well as a theoretical part that includes skin types, structure and skin PH.
This course includes a theoretical and practical part.

After completing the course, you will receive a product knowledge certificate that will enable you to purchase Kart Professional products and provide service within your work environment.

After completing the course, you will be able to properly apply Kart professional pedicure products and perform Kart Professional pedicures in your salon. You will also be able to recommend the right aftercare products to your clients.
Instructor: Natalija Joksimović @natalia_koliya
Duration of the course: 1 day.

Appointments for training are made in direct communication with the educator in order to select the most favorable date.

Course price: 590 eur. Included in the price of the course are the necessary products for independent work worth of products +420eur:
  • Professional foot treatment kit
  • Extra Liquid Remover 1000ml