Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion Nail Drill Machine White + H200

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Saeyang brand offers high-quality tools useful during professional manicure and pedicure treatments. Saeyang products, valued by cosmetologists, are characterized by excellent workmanship, precision and the use of innovative solutions.

Professional device for manicure and pedicure treatments

High-end Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion nail drill is a device recommended by cosmetologists, which will facilitate the thorough preparation of cuticles and nails and the removal of the remains of previous stylizations, which significantly improves their preparation for further treatments. A well-balanced handpiece and well-thought-out functionalities make the nail drill perfect for both professional and home use.

Practical H200 handpiece

The functional H200 handpiece fits perfectly in the hand, which guarantees high comfort of work. It is equipped with an easy-to-use Twist-Lock system, which allows for quick and smooth drill bit changes. Thanks to this, working with the device is extremely easy and intuitive, which will also be appreciated by more demanding users. Pen is properly balanced and ergonomically profiled, and in addition, the vibrations of the handpiece have been reduced, so that even many hours of work with the nail drill do not tire the hand excessively. The flexible spring cable provides high comfort of work, reaching up to 135 cm in length with significant stretching.

Ease of control

The speed can be adjusted by a knob up to 30,000 revolutions per minute, which allows you to adjust it to your individual needs, and thus comfortably perform a wide range of treatments. In addition, the indicator light is green, making it easy to recognize whether the nail drill is running at minimum speed. Working with the device is extremely easy, effective and intuitive, which will also be appreciated by more demanding users.

Precise functionalities for user comfort

The accessories included in the set ensure safety and comfort of use. The nail drill is equipped with a foot drive, which allows for precise control of the handpiece operation and free, comfortable work, thanks to the ability to control the device without using hands. During operation, the handpiece can be safely put away on the included dedicated silicone stand or hung up thanks to the convenient plastic holder that can be mounted on both sides of the device. The drill bit space on the cover allows you to prepare the necessary tools to have them at hand during work.

Modern device, valued by specialists

The iconic Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion nail drill with its ergonomic shape perfectly combines functionality with aesthetics. The futuristic casing in shades of white will fit perfectly into any interior and will work great even in small spaces. In addition, the device is equipped with rubberized feet, which not only ensure stability, but also protect the surface on which it stands from possible damage. Thanks to these features, this device not only fulfills its functions perfectly, but is also an elegant element of interior design, emphasizing the modern character of the room.

Please read the instructions carefully before use.
Included: nail drill base, handpiece, power supply, foot drive, silicone handpiece stand, manual.

Casing color: shades of white
Rotational speed: 30,000 RPM
Twist-Lock handpiece
Power supply: wired
Handpiece power: 45 W
Input voltage: 110-240 V
Warranty: 12 months

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