Disposable papmAm files for straight nail file (soft base) Staleks Pro Expert 20, 100 grit (30 pcs)

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Replacement files on the soft base EXPERT from STALEKS PRO is an innovative patented solution in the world of disposable tools for manicure and pedicure.

Adhesive-free removable pap mAm files are put on a metal base like a cover, completely covering it from both sides and ends. This fastening principle gives the master even more confidence in his movements and protects the client from accidental cuts. And the base will always remain clean without glue residues after removing the removable file.

The file on the soft base sits tightly on the metal base, does not slip and does not slip during the active work of the master. The foam layer of replaceable abrasive helps to reduce the pressure on the nails during grinding.

IMPORTANT! Acrylic straight base is not suitable for PAP-MAM STALEKS PRO file covers.

Advantages of removable files on the soft papmAm STALEKS PRO EXPERT DFCE-20-100:
  • a layer of foam due to which the pressure on the nail plate is reduced;
  • easy, pleasant, comfortable to wear (it cannot be glued unevenly);
  • safe work, will not cut the client with the butt;
  • there is no adhesive base, it is easily removed and the glue does not remain on the base;
  • the product was invented and patented by Staleks;
  • during work, the pap-mam file holds very tightly on the base and does not slide;
  • high-quality sandpaper from silicon carbide;
  • ecologically clean craft base of the file.

Suitable for straight bases WBE-20, SPBE-20, ABE-20 

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