Reconstruction and correction with Builder gel

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Reconstruction and correction using the technique with and without filing of builder gel.

🗣️Our courses are available in several languages: English, Spanish, German and Serbian.

This advanced training is specially designed for experienced manicurists who want to take their skills to the next level.

Required knowledge before training: independent work with an electric file as well as knowledge of working with the file itself.

Overview of the course 👇

What you will learn:

  • Repairing Cracked and Cracked Nails: Master a technique that will allow you to expertly reconstruct nails that are damaged, cracked, cracked or lacking a free edge, giving them a flawless look.
  • Designing nail architecture in almond and cube shapes: Master the art of shaping nails in the popular salon almond and cube shapes, which will improve the professionalism and aesthetics of your work.
  • Reconstruction of irregular growth: Learn a method of reconstruction that will help you correct nails that grow irregularly downwards, achieving the desired shape and appearance.
  • File-free technique: Develop the skill of correction without the use of a file, optimizing the distribution of materials and reducing the waste of resources. This technique not only saves time, but also money.
  • Proper removal of material and Russian manicure: You will learn to remove material without forming indentations in the material and heating the nail plate, as well as processing the cuticle with the help of a diamond bits for russian manicure and scissors.
  • Applying paint correctly: You will master the Russian technique of applying paint under the cuticle without the risk of the paint touching it.

Advantages of education:

  • Work efficiency: Reduce correction time to an hour, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Stronger nails: The material is distributed properly, making the nails strong enough to withstand daily activities without breaking or separating the material from the natural nail.
  • Aesthetically and meticulously designed nails: Achieve a neat and professional nail appearance, creating a lasting impression on clients.
  • Saving time, money and health: This technique not only speeds up the process, but also saves material, which directly affects your budget and the health of your clients.

The course is composed of theoretical and practical work on the model.

👩🏻‍🔬Instructor on course Lidija Isailović ( @lila.vanila_nails )


  • Introduction
  • Material removal and nail and cuticle preparation
  • Reconstruction, strengthening with builder gel, without filing, color under the cuticle
  • Reconstruction, strengthening with builder gel, without filing, French and Ombre 
  • Strengthening with builder gel, french and glitter ombre
  • Reinforcement with glitter rubber base without filing
  • Care after treatment
At the end of the course, participants will receive a unique certificate with a QR code for validation and a one-time voucher with a 15% discount that they can use for an order after the education.

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